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Short-Term Disability

Short-Term Disability (STD) is an insurance that pays you a portion of your earnings if you are sick or hurt and cannot work. STD will help to make up for lost income. It is a voluntary benefit so you must select it at the time of your initial enrollment or during Open Enrollment. 

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When determining if you need Short Term Disability, consider your leave balances.  STD is offset or reduced by any regular pay, annual leave, sick leave or donated leave you receive while on STD.  If you have large amounts of leave time accrued you may only receive a minimum payment while you are out on leave.  If you are a New Hire or have low leave balances STD may help protect your income if you are unable to work.  If you do not elect STD initially as a new hire, and later decide you may need it, there will be a longer waiting period for an illness or pregnancy before benefits are payable during your first year of coverage.     

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Long-Term Disability
Long-Term Disability (LTD) is an insurance that protects an employee from loss of income in the event that he or she is unable to work due to illness, injury, or accident for a long period of time. Benefit eligible employees are automatically enrolled in one of the State’s two LTD programs. Employee participation is mandatory. The retirement system an employee is enrolled in will determine which Long Term Disability plan an employee will be enrolled. 


Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) Participants

Broadspire Services, Inc. is administered through ASRS. Your LTD benefit will pay up to 66-2/3% of your income earnings during your disability as determined by Broadspire Services, Inc. and based on supporting medical documentation. Your benefits may be subject to an offset based on Social Security payments, retirement benefits and other disability benefits. LTD benefits can be paid until age 65 or until you are able to return to work after your disability as determined by Broadspire Services, Inc.  Medical documentation of your disability is required to continue your payment of benefits.

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Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS), Corrections Officer Retirement Plan (CORP), Elected Officials Retirement Plan (EORP), Options Retirement Plan of the Universities (TIAA-CREF, and Fidelity Investments), Non-ASRS Participants

The Hartford is the vendor for Long-term Disability administered through Benefit Options to non-ASRS participants. Your LTD benefit may pay up to 66-2/3% of your monthly pre-disability earnings with a maximum benefit of $10,000 per month during your disability as determined by The Hartford and based on supporting medical documentation.

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Basic Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an insurance that pays out a sum of money on the death of the insured. As a benefit eligible employee, the State provides you with $15,000 of Basic Life Insurance.

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Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

The Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) is insurance that pays an additional benefit if you are seriously injured or die due to a covered accident.   AD&D in the amount of $15,000 is provided by the State to benefit eligible employees.

Supplemental Life and AD&D Insurance

The Supplemental Life and AD&D is additional insurance that benefits eligible employees are allow to purchase in case of death or dismemberment. This is a voluntary benefit you must select it at the time of initial enrollment or during Open Enrollment. An employee can purchase up to three (3) times their salary in $5,000 allotments at time of new hire.  During Open Enrollment an employee can increase the amount of Supplemental Life by $20,000 but to the three (3) times the employee’s salary limit. 

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Dependent Life Insurance

The Dependent Life Insurance is life insurance coverage on a benefit’s eligible employee’s dependents. It is a voluntary benefit so an employee must select it at the time of new hire enrollment or during Open Enrollment. It is available in the amount of $2,000, $4,000, $6,000, $10,000, $12,000, $15,000 or $50,000. Employees do not have to elect any supplemental coverage to choose a dependent plan for up to $15,000. For the $50,000 coverage, an employee must have a combined basic and supplemental coverage of at least $50,000.