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Benefit Premiums are due upon every two-week pay period and are usually paid via the biweekly payroll cycle. If the employee does not receive enough pay to cover the full deductions during the bi-weekly payroll cycle, the employee must pay their benefit premium directly to ADOA. Agencies must deliver a Benefit Premium Billing Statement by mail to the employee's address of record for the amount of benefit premiums unpaid.

If an employee fails to pay premiums on or before the due date, the employee's benefits will be terminated retroactively to the last day of coverage for which the premiums were paid in full. An employee whose coverage has been canceled for non-payment will be responsible for any expenses incurred related to benefit services received after the last day of coverage.

It is imperative that agencies comply with delivering the Benefit Premium Billing Statement to the employee in a timely manner. Below are the tools necessary to achieve this requirement.


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