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Know Your Numbers | Retiree

Know Your Numbers | Retirees

Getting Started

Knowing your essential health numbers is one of the first steps to taking control of your health. Even if you’re feeling fine, these numbers can show you your overall health and catch issues before they start.

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  • Please note that all range recommendations are from the Centers for Disease Control. Consult your healthcare provider for more information.

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Learn Your Numbers

Blood Pressure - These numbers measure the pressure on your arteries
as the heart muscle pumps blood. High blood pressure increases your risk for stroke, and heart and kidney disease. 
Normal Range - less than 120/80

Body Mass Index (BMI) - A measure of body fat based on height and weight. A higher BMI puts you at risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers.
Normal Range - 18.5 to 24.9

Glucose - This simple blood sugar is your body’s main energy source. A fasting blood test is vital in the early detection and treatment of diabetes, which can damage your heart, kidneys, nerves, blood vessels, or eyes.
Normal Range - 100-125 mg/dl fasting

Cholesterol and Fat - Keeping these levels in check lowers your chances of heart disease or stroke.

  • LDL - “Bad cholesterol” is more likely to clog arteries and cause heart disease.
  • HDL - “Good cholesterol” protects against dangerous blockages in the arteries that can lead to heart disease. 
  • Triglycerides are fat types that provide cells with energy to function.

Normal Ranges

Total Cholestrol: 150 - 200 mg/dL

LDL (bad): Less than 100 mg/dL

HDL (good): At least 40 mg/dL

Triglicerides: Less than 150 mg/dL

Get Your Numbers

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Our healthcare plans offer an annual wellness visit designed to help you check in with your healthcare provider to catch issues while they can be prevented. 

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