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Eligiblity | Retirees

Eligibility | Retirees

The following persons are eligible to participate in the Arizona Benefit Options program:

  • Retirees receiving a pension under a State-sponsored retirement plan and continuing enrollment in the retiree health and/or dental plan.
  • Long-Term Disability (LTD) participants collecting benefits under a State-sponsored plan.
  • Eligible former elected officials and their eligible dependents if the elected official has at least five years of credited service in the Elected Officials Retirement Plan (EORP); was covered under a group health or accident plan at the time of leaving office; served as an elected official on or after January 1, 1983; and applies for enrollment within 31 days of leaving office or retiring.
  • Surviving spouses and qualified dependents are covered at the time of the retiree’s death.
  • Surviving spouses of former elected officials are covered at the time of the official’s death.
  • Surviving spouse and eligible dependents of a deceased law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty, whether they were covered or uncovered at the time of death.
  • Surviving spouses and eligible dependents of an active member that is eligible to retire, provided they were covered at the time of the employee’s death.

The following dependents are eligible to participate in the Arizona Benefit Options program:

  • Your legal spouse as defined by Arizona Statute
  • Your child(ren) under 26 years old defined as:
    • Your natural child, adopted child, stepchild, foster child, or a child for whom you have court-ordered guardianship.
    • Your child who is disabled and continues to be disabled as defined by 42 U.S.C. 1382c before the age of 26.


For dependents who are being enrolled for the first time, AND fall into the categories listed below, submit a copy of the birth certificate or marriage license to the ADOA-Benefits to complete processing of benefits coverage. Failure to submit documentation will result in a loss of enrollment. This applies to:

  • Stepchild
  • Court-ordered guardianship
  • Placed in your home by court order pending adoption
  • Different last name 


  • If your dependent child is approaching age 26 and has a disability, application for continuation of dependent status must be made within 31 days of the child’s 26th birthday
  • You must provide verification that your dependent child has a qualifying permanent disability, that occurred prior to his or her 26th birthday, in accordance with 42 U.S.C. 1382c.

To learn more about adding or removing your spouse and dependents from your benefits, visit the Qualified Life Events page.

  • Former retired State employees returning to active State employment can receive health benefits through the Benefit Options Health Plan.
  • If a retiree returns to work and meets the eligibility guidelines, they can elect to enroll in active benefits and decline retiree benefits.
  • Leaving State service is considered a Qualified Life Event (QLE). The QLE then allows you to enroll in retiree benefits again.

  • Duplicate/dual enrollment in State plans is prohibited and will be terminated with no refunds for the premiums paid. For spouses who are State and/or State University employees and/or retirees, these rules apply:
    • You cannot enroll each other as dependents nor have your children enrolled twice.
    • One spouse may elect coverage for the entire family, or each spouse may elect their own individual coverage.
    • Dependent children can be on one spouse's policy or divided between spouses.
    • If your child is a State and/or State University employee, he/she cannot be enrolled as a single subscriber in a State plan and as a dependent on your policy. 
    • You cannot enroll simultaneously as a single subscriber in the retiree medical, dental, and/or vision plans for the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) AND the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS).