Benefit Professionals

Information for Benefits Professionals to use in assisting employees. 

    Purpose: For use at recruiting events and with new hires.

    Important - Please update this flyer every 6 months. In January, the new benefits are updated. In July, the new ASRS contribution is updated.

    The Benefit Services Division (BSD) is launching a new training series! We plan to meet several times this year to give our liaisons the latest information on how best to help employees with their benefits questions and issues. Our sessions will be lively and interactive, with plenty of time to ask questions.

    All meetings will be recorded and posted to the training sessions schedule.

    No pre-registration is needed. Just add the event to your calendar and join us!

    • Google - Slides | Script
    • PowerPoint - Slides | Word - Script
    • Please begin using this new version as soon as you feel comfortable with it. If you want to practice or see it presented again, you are welcome to attend ADOA’s benefits orientation on Monday mornings. Please reach out to [email protected].
    • Rates: The rates are not included in the presentation. Please ask employees to listen to the presentation and refer them to the current year's Active Employee Enrollment Guide for the rates.
    • Feedback? Please send it to [email protected].

    • See the Rates page for a full listing of Active rates, LWOP instructions, and COBRA rates.

    Here are the presentation materials from the February 2023 train-the-trainer session.

    Microsoft Users: To download an Excel file, in the menu bar, click on "File", then "Download."